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Grading with Canvas LMS and Pivot Interactives

You can use Pivot Interactives grading tools, and all scores will be transferred to your Canvas grade book.

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There are three ways to score student work in Pivot Interactives:

  1. Multiple-choice and numeric questions can be autograded.

  2. You can use the Grade by Question function.

  3. Use the Grade by Student function.

No matter which you use, your grades will be recorded both in Pivot Interactives and in Canvas Gradebook.

Grades are sent to your Canvas grade book once a score is set to Final Grade. To do this:

  1. From the Scores page, select the grades you want to send to the grade book. Then, select Mark as Final Grade from the Bulk Actions menu.

  2. Alternatively, this can be done on a student-by-student basis as well. Select the three dots to the right of Grade, then select Mark as Final Grade.

Marking an activity as "Final Grade" submits the activity and stops the student from making additional changes.

Alternatively, you can have students download their work from Pivot Interactives as a PDF and then submit the file as a Canvas assignment. This will allow you to use the Canvas Speed Grader. 

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