Your Pivot Interactives Trial

Learn more about your 30-Day Free Trial

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Purchasing Access to Pivot Interactives

Purchase a license to give access to your whole district or school, or create classes where students pay to join.

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Instructors: Getting Started

New to Pivot Interactives? Start here!

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Admins: Getting Started

Are you the admin on a license? Look for common answers here.

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Students: Getting Started

Are you a student using Pivot Interactives in your science class? Start here!

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Manage your Account

Information about your Pivot Interactives account

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Finding and Using Activities

Learn how to find a great matching activity for your science course

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Creating Classes and Managing Rosters

Invite students to your classes, archive unneeded classes, change student passwords

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Modifying and Building Activities

Activities in our library are fully editable - learn how to customize them here.

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LMS Integrations with Pivot Interactives

With our LTI 1.3 integrations, you can sync Pivot Interactives with the leading learning management systems (LMSs) in education.

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Rostering Services and Pivot Interactives

Working with an SIS that allows for rostering? We do too! Learn more about that here.

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Grading Students' Responses

Grade by question or by student - the choice is up to you!

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Updates to Pivot Interactives

Find out about the latest releases - no matter how big or small - here.

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Customer Support Troubleshooting

Detailed instructions for various methods that customers can use to gather more data to assist in troubleshooting issues.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Find questions to other head-scratchers here in our Other FAQ.

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Learn more about how Pivot Interactives protects your data.

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Using the Data Table and Graphing Tools

Creating data tables and graphs is easy and fast.

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Uploading Videos Into Pivot Interactives

Students and teachers can upload videos and use Pivot Interactives for video analysis

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Bluetooth Sensors

Connect Vernier GoDirect and Pasco Bluetooth Sensors to Pivot Interactives

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