From My Classes  you can click the three dot icon on the row for any assignment and select Grade by Student.

You'll see the Student Scores View:

  1. You can see each student's score so far. These scores could be from automatically graded MC questions, or questions graded by the instructor
  2. Who made the last update to this student's responses? This lets instructors see which work they haven't graded yet.
  3. When were these responses updated?
  4. To see this student's responses on this activity, click Grade Student Response.

The Last Change By column shows who made the last change to this activity. When the instructor assigns the activity, this is set to Instructor for all students. Once the student saves their work for the first time, the column changes to Student.

When you open a student's responses, you can see exactly what they entered for all questions. You can comment on their work, enter scores, or both. 

When you are finished providing feedback, you'll need to save your work.

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