Starting May 18, 2019, multiple-choice questions can be configured to provide automatic feedback. This feature allows teachers to:

  • enable automatic feedback on each multiple-choice question,
  • set the number of times students can submit their choice for feedback and,
  • include response text that is displayed when the student selects that each answer choice.

When the students submit an answer:

  • the question is marked correct or incorrect,
  • the total current score for the activity is displayed at the top of the student's activity page, and on the scores view for the teacher,
  • the response text for the selected answer choice is displayed.
  • the number of remaining attempts is displayed

Select One, and Select Any, and Yes/No Question types have been merged into a single Multiple-Choice Question type

On activities constructed before May 2019, the questions have been converted to the new Multiple Choice question. Automatic grading is not implemented by default, but is now available for all multiple choice questions.

1. Creating Multiple-Choice Questions

  1. Create an activity, or open an activity in edit mode.
  2. Add a new Multiple Choice Question from the component selector in a section of the activity. (add a section, if this is a new activity with no sections yet.)
  3. Click the check box to enable automatic grading.
  4. Enter in the fields:
    a. the question prompt
    b. the number of points the question is worth
    c. the number of submissions the students are allowed (leaving this field black means students have unlimited submissions.)
    b. the answer choices
    c. the text that will be displayed if a student selects that answer choice
  5. Click on the check box(es) next to the answer choices to select the correct answer(s):
    a. If the instructor selects one correct answer, the question will be a select one answer question.
    b. If the instructor selects more than one correct answer, the question will be a select all that apply question.

When students respond to automatically graded multiple-choice questions, the current total score for the activity is shown at the top of the activity page as the students work. In addition, teachers can see the current score for each activity, as well as the date of last submitted answer, in the View Scores page for each activity.

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