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Overview of Numerical Questions in Pivot Interactives
Overview of Numerical Questions in Pivot Interactives

Learn how to make and use auto-graded, randomized numerical questions in Pivot Interactives

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Numerical questions ask students to enter a numerical value for their response. The response is automatically graded, and there is the option of automatic feedback for correct or incorrect responses. The question prompt can contain variables which can be based on randomized values, numerical values, or previous student responses. Feedback and scoring of student responses is based on any combination of variables, mathematical expression, and numerical values.

Here's a much deeper dive into how to use Numerical Questions.

Using Numerical Questions

When using numerical questions authored by the Pivot Interactives content team, you can test the question when viewing the activity in Preview. You can enter and submit a response to view the automatic feedback. Each time you reload the preview, any randomized values will be re-generated.

When students open an assignment that contains randomized values, their values will be saved and used for the duration of the assignment.

Making or modifying Numerical Questions

Instructors can explore the construction of a numerical question by viewing the activity in Edit mode. From there, instructors can view, modify or create:

  • Variables based on numerical values or randomized values,

  • Question prompts containing variables or expressions,

  • Text feedback for students, based on expressions or variables

Expressions and variables can be used in any text within Pivot Interactives.

You can create variables that are global for the activity. These can be:

  • a numerical value

  • a random value, with a specified range, increment, and precision

  • a string

  • a collection

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