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Rostering Services and Pivot Interactives
FAQ: What are my rostering options for my school/district and Pivot Interactives?
FAQ: What are my rostering options for my school/district and Pivot Interactives?

There are several rostering options that you can use with Pivot Interactives.

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The start of the school year always seems like a stressful time. With so many "to do" lists and only 24 hours in the day, tasks seem to pile up and never get resolved. Rostering students is one of those tasks: who adds teachers to Pivot Interactives? How do we get the kids in? How is data shared?

Depending on your student information system (SIS), there may be a rostering option for your staff and students. The act of retrieving data from another platform to provision accounts in a different application is called rostering. Each SIS has its own limitations.

Rostering with Student Information Systems (SISs)

Common Student Information Systems (SISs)

Single Sign-On (SSO) Supported?

Rostering Supported?





Rostering with a Learning Management System

We offer automated rostering in limited circumstances within some LMSs:

  • Canvas - only if courses are NOT cross-listed.

  • Schoology - only if courses do NOT contain linked sections.

However, if you use other LMSs like Blackboard, or D2L, or if you use Canvas or Schoology with cross-listing and linked sections, we instead offer student-self rostering. This allows students to join Pivot Interactives through your LMS without having to maintain separate login credentials with Pivot Interactives.

For more information on your specific LMS and to get the LTI integration created, check out the help articles below:

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