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Configuring Pivot Interactives in Blackboard

Add Pivot Interactives to Blackboard so instructors can create links and grades for Pivot assignments

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This process must be done by someone with Administrator privileges in Blackboard.

Step 1: Register Pivot Interactives in Blackboard

This step makes Pivot available to instructors and students in Blackboard.

  1. On the Administrator Panel in Blackboard select LTI Tool Providers.

  2. Select Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool.

  3. In the Client ID copy and paste the following value:

  4. Under Tool Status select Approved

  5. In the User Fields to Send under the Institution Policies section, select Role in Course

  6. You may also select Name and Email Address, which will streamline the connection process for students. If these are not selected, we will ask the student for this information when they connect.

  7. In the Allow grade service access field, select Yes.

  8. Select Submit to register the tool.

Step 2: Place Pivot in Blackboard

This step configures where Pivot will appear in Blackboard. This allows instructors to create links to Pivot from within Blackboard.

  1. From the LTI Tool Providers page in Blackboard, select Manage Placements in the menu for Pivot.

  2. Select Create Placement

  3. In the Label field copy and paste this value: Pivot Interactives Assignment

  4. In the Handle field copy and paste this value: pivot-assignment

  5. In the Availability field, select Yes to make the placement available.

  6. In the Type field, select Deep Linking content tool. This allows instructors to create links and gradebook items for Pivot assignments.

  7. We recommend you check the option to launch in a new window. This gives student's more screen space when they complete their assignments.

  8. In the Tool Provider URL field copy and paste this value:

  9. Select Submit to create the placement

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