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Using Pivot Interactives with Google Classroom

You can embed links to assignments, and have students upload responses to Google Classroom

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Pivot Interactives offers full integration with Learning Management Systems (LMSs) that use the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard. Google Classroom does not meet this standard, but, there are still ways to integrate Pivot Interactives with your Google Classroom:

Embed Assignment Links in Google Classroom

When you create an assignment for one of your classes in Pivot Interactives, you can create a link that will direct students to the assignment. You can embed this link in your Google Classroom to make it easy for students to find the assignment. Here's how:

This link will only work for students enrolled in the class where the activity was assigned. When students click the link, they will be directed to log in to Pivot Interactives. Once they do, the assignment will open in their browser. If students are already logged in when they click the link, the assigned activity will open in their browser.

Students submit responses on Google Classroom

Students' responses can be downloaded as PDF files. Then they can be printed, or submitted to Google Classroom for grading.

  • To save their responses as a PDF file, students use their browser's Print function. Each browser handles this slightly differently. Here's how it looks in Chrome:

  • Select Save as PDF, and then click Save

  • Once they've downloaded their responses, students can submit them for grading via email, or upload them to Google Classroom so you can grade them.

  • For more assistance converting to PDF on an iPad assistance, check out Save and mark up PDFs.



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