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#1: Create a class

  1. Click My Classes

  2. Click New Class

  1. Give the class a descriptive name

  2. Select a payment type (Will you or your institution purchase seats, or will students purchase access using a credit card when they join the class?)

  3.  Select an institution type.

  4. Click Create.

During the free trial period, set the payment to Institution.

#2 Invite students to your class

Copy the class key or the join link for the class.

  • Once your new class is created, you can see and edit the class by clicking on the class title from the My Classes page, then selecting "View Class & Roster."

  • To invite students to join the class, give them the eight-character Class Key or the Join Link.

Distribute the class key to students and invite them to join by going to and clicking Join Class.

#3 Managing your class roster

From the Class Assignments page, click on View Class and Roster to manage your course. Your student information is located under the course details.

From this screen, you can perform a variety of tasks to manage your roster:

1) Change a student's password

  1. Students can always change their own password by clicking Forgot Password on the login page. This will send a password reset email to the address they used to create their account. If the institution blocks outside emails, the student will not receive the password reset email.

  2. Students can also change their password or account email by logging in, clicking their name in the top left of the screen, and clicking Profile. Enter a new password and or email, and press save.

  3. Instructors can change students' passwords or emails by viewing the roster and clicking Update Profile. Enter a new password into the box labeled "password." When the password is changed, the student will receive an email saying the password has been changed, but the email will not contain the password. The instructor must tell the student the new password.

2) Drop or restore students

  1. The class roster is located under the class details in the Students list. Once you see the class roster, click Drop to move students from the list of active students to the list of dropped students.

  2. To restore a student, click Restore next to the student's name in the Dropped Student List.

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