How to Drop Students from a Class

As a teacher, how can I drop students from my class in Pivot Interactives?

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NOTE: Changes have been made to classes managed by a rostering service. If your course is managed by a rostering service (Clever or ClassLink), you will not be able to change the roster of the course. Changes should be made through your rostering service.

When you drop a student from your class, your student loses access to their course work, and your used seat count goes down.

Dropping a student

  1. Click My Classes.

  2. Click the class name.

  3. Click View Class & Roster.

  4. Click Drop next to the student's name in the roster under the Students section.

  5. To re-enroll a student, click Restore next to the student's name in the Dropped Students section.

Accessing the Work of a Dropped Student

If access to past work is needed, it is only available in the "Grade by Student" view.

  • Click on the student's name in the "Dropped Student" list. This list will show their score on the right.

  • Click on the activity name you need to view. This will open that assignment in the grade by student view.

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