Create a Pivot Interactives assignment in Schoology

How to link a Pivot Interactives assignment to a Schoology one.

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Connect Pivot Interactives assignments to Schoology to allow:

  • Grades to be automatically passed from Schoology to Pivot Interactives.

  • Students can automatically create their Pivot Interactives account, link to their Schoology one, and be placed into the correct Pivot Interactives class.

  • Students can complete their Pivot Interactives assignments within Schoology and never have to leave the Schoology website.

Connecting a Pivot Interactives assignment to Schoology

Instructors will need to first create their Pivot Interactives class and assign the activity they wish to link to Schoology.

  1. Click Add Materials.

  2. Click Pivot Interactives.

  3. The first time you do this, you'll be prompted to log into your Pivot Interactives account. Enter your Pivot Interactives account information.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Click the class you wish to connect, then click Connect Class.

  6. Click the assignment you wish to connect, then click Connect Assignment.

Your Pivot Interactives assignment is now connected to Schoology! Some additional things to note:

  • The point values of the Pivot Interactives assignment do not need to match the point value in your Schoology Gradebook. Pivot Interactives sends percentages, now raw point values. For example, if a student get's 8/10 on an Pivot Interactives assignment and the Schoology assignment is out of 100, then the grade in Schoology will be 80/100.

  • When connecting an assignment, if you get an invalid lineitem data error, this means that your Pivot Interactives assignment is out of 0 points. It will need to be out of at least 1 point to successfully connect.

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