Linking a Pivot Interactives Assignment to a Canvas Course

Linked assignments can be opened either in Canvas or in Pivot Interactives. All grades in Pivot Interactives are reported to Canvas.

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1. Instructor creating a linked assignment in Canvas

Once you've connected Pivot Interactives to your course, you can begin assigning Pivot Interactives assignments into your Canvas course.

  1. Log into Pivot Interactives, and assign an activity to the class connected to the Canvas course. (see how)

  2.  In Canvas, log in as an instructor to your course.

  3. Click Assignments and +Assignment.

  4. Scroll to Submission Type and select External Tool.

  5. Click Find, and scroll through the list and click Embed Pivot Interactives, and click Select.

  6. If you haven't created an assignment for any Canvas course before, you'll be prompted to log into Pivot Interactives to link your Pivot Interactives account with your Canvas account.

  7. If you haven't created an assignment for this Canvas course before, you'll be prompted to select which Pivot Interactive class assignments you are linking to this Canvas course from.

  8. Once you select a Pivot Interactives class, scroll through the assignments currently available for that class, and click to select the one you want to assign.

  9. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click Connect Assignment.

  10. Complete the rest of the fields in Canvas, such as due date and then press Save and Publish.

  11. The assignment is now added to your list of Canvas assignments.

Note: when creating an assignment in Canvas for use on iPad, make sure to configure the Canvas assignment to Load This Tool In A New Tab.

2. Students connecting Canvas account to Pivot Interactives account

When students click a Pivot Interactives assignment in Canvas here's what happens:

  1. If the student has never logged into Pivot Interactives before, they will be prompted to login, or signup for a new Pivot Interactives account. Students should select signup and enter a their name and email. This will create a Pivot Interactives account that is linked to their Canvas account. It will also add the student to the roster for the connected Pivot Interactives class.

  2. If the class is set up as a student pay class, the student will be prompted to enter either a credit card or an activation code purchased from your bookstore.

  3. After the first time students connect their Canvas account to their Pivot Interactives account, clicking a linked assignment in Canvas will route the student directly to the assigned activity.

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