Once you've connected Pivot Interactives to your course, you can begin assigning Pivot Interactives assignments into your Canvas course.

  1. Log into Pivot Interactives, and assign an activity to the class connected to the Canvas course. (see how)
  2.  In Canvas, log in as an instructor to your course.
  3. Click Assignments and +Assignment.
  4. Scroll to Submission Type and select External Tool.
  5. Click Find, and scroll through the list and click Pivot Interactives, and click Select.
  6. If you haven't created an assignment for this Canvas course before, you'll be prompted to select which Pivot Interactive class assignments you are selecting from.
  7. Once you select a class, scroll through the assignments currently available fo that class, and select the one you want to assign.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click Connect Assignment.
  9. Complete the rest of the fields in Canvas, such as due date and then press Save and Publish.
  10. The assignment is now added to your list of Canvas assignments.
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