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Grading the Entire Assignment at Once
Grading the Entire Assignment at Once

Use an open-ended question for an overall or summary grade or score for an entire assignment or lab.

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Pivot Interactives allows you to enter scores and comments for every question. Sometimes that's not necessary. You can use the Grade by Question feature to provide scores and feedback for as many questions as you wish on an assignment. Or, if you prefer to grade students individually, you can grade each student's questions independently using Grade by Student.

You can also choose to assign one grade for the whole activity. This is called "holistic grading." There are two options for assigning holistic grades:

Option 1: Use the Custom Grades feature in Grade by Student.

  1. From the Scores page of any assignment, click on either the name of the student (to the left) OR the Grade button (to the right).

  2. At the top of the activity, change Point Value to Custom, then enter any score you want. Be sure to Save Progress when you're done.

Option 2: Make a Feedback Question on an Activity

  1. Open the activity in edit mode.

  2. In the Activity Content section, open each section and delete the points for each question.

  3. Add a question at the end of the activity and make it worth all the points you want for the activity:

  4. Using your preferred grading method, add a score only for the last question.

Note: You can still comment on any question, but score only the last one.

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