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Quick Start Guide: License Admins
Quick Start Guide: License Admins

As a license administrator, you can add instructors and manage your overall usage.

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Welcome to being an administrator on a license! We're excited to show you even more features that you have with your new license role.

*Note*: License admins are established when the license is purchased. If you believe you should have admin access and you do not, please contact your current license admin.

To be successful as a License Admin, you will want to do three things ASAP:

#1 Accept Your Invitation

You'll receive an email that looks like one of these:

You'll click to either create a new Pivot Interactives account and then log in, or if you already have an account, simply log in. Once you do this, you will have admin access to your license.

#2 Add Your Instructors to the License

If you're logged in, you can access your Manage License page from the Account tab - simply click Manage License.

Classroom License

School or District License

You can also reach this page at

Click on Send Invitations. This will pop up a window. Enter your instructor emails into this box, then click Invite.

Notice I added two emails: one that was not on the license and one that was on the license.

  • I entered each email on a unique line with no extra spaces. (If you get an invalid email error, there is likely a comma or a space at the end of an email somewhere.)

  • The system tells me that 1 of 2 invites was sent successfully. That's because we only send invites to new instructors on the license.

  • The existing account created an error. That email remained in my address field and the explanation is under the box. This will stay here until I close the box.


All new members will exist on the Invitations list until they accept their invite. If an invitation gets lost, you can resend an invitation by clicking on the Action dots, then selecting Resend Invitation.

Please Note: For your security, we will not accept non-school related emails as instructor accounts. This includes gmail, yahoo, outlook, and all other personal emails. We may also vet instructors added to your license to ensure authenticity and activity security.

Also, we do not roster teachers through rostering services at this time.

#3: Configure your LMS or Rostering Service

Note: Not all rostering and LMS options are available through the Classroom license. If you have questions about your particular license features, please contact our Customer Support team at or through out chat to your right.

We offer an LTI 1.3 integration with several of the top LMS brands in the education space, as well as rostering services through Clever or ClassLink.

Click on the option below to find YOUR instructions for configuring your LMS and/or rostering. These are typically configured by a district IT personnel, who will need to be added to the platform as a member.

LMS Information

Rostering Information

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