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What does my account status mean?
What does my account status mean?

Each status allows a specific level of access to the instructor’s account.

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Whether your account is active, a free trial, or if your subscription has lapsed, your account status and privileges change. Here are the possible account statuses.


Free trial 30-day period. During this time, instructors enjoy full access to Pivot Interactives and can use the software with students. It is a lot like having an unlimited license for the trial period. When the free trial ends, the account moves to Limited Status. To provide free access for students during your free trial, create an institution-pay class and invite students to join.


Inactive accounts are restricted to the main dashboard. Instructors or seat administrators can access purchase history and seat distribution tools. All other functions for both instructors and students are inaccessible. Accounts move into inactive status when the 60-day Limited status expires.


When the 30-day free trial period ends or Active Status expires, the account will shift into Limited status for 60 days. During this time, students lose access to their activities while instructors retain full functionality. When Limited Status expires, the account will become inactive.


Active status is applied to all paid subscriptions. Once the instructor has purchased and activated seats, students and instructors will have full access to all Pivot Interactive functionality.

Common question: Will my data, activities, and classes be deleted if my account becomes limited or inactive? Unless requested, we do not delete an instructor's content on Pivot Interactives. When you re-activate your account, all your previous work will be ready for you to pick up where you left off.

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