Once you've decided how your students will have access to Pivot Interactives and created a class you can create your classes and start inviting students.

You can invite students to join your class in two ways:

  • Distribute a class key (format: ck-xxxxxxxx) for students to input.

  • Distribute a link that will automatically place students in your class once they click.

To invite students

  1. Click the name of the class from My Classes.

  2. Click View Class & Roster in the top-right.

  3. Click Copy next to Class Key or Join Class Link.

From this screen you can also drop students from the class, transfer them to another Pivot Interactives class, add a grader to the class, or change a student's Pivot Interactives email address and password.

If you want to close your class to new students joining, make sure to uncheck the box next to Accepting New Students.

When you send an email to students to instruct them to join your class, you may also want to include these links to help students get started.

Inviting students using an LMS

If you've connected Pivot Interactives with an LMS such as Canvas or Blackboard, students simply need to click a connected assignment within the LMS and they will automatically be placed within the correct class.

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