After you create a class, you will have two options for adding students to a class: a Join Link or a Class Key. There are multiple ways to get either piece of information.

Area #1: The My Classes Page

Once a class is made, the class will appear on the "My Classes" page, accessible by clicking the "My Classes" button at the top of the page. Select the three dots next to any class and click "Copy link to join class" to get the Join Link.

Area #2: The Class Assignments Page

If you click on a course on the My Classes page, you will be taken to the Class Assignments page. Here, at the top of the page, is a set of 3 dots next to the "View Class and Roster" button. Click those three dots and select "Copy Join Link" to get the join link for your class.

Area #3: The Class and Roster Page

Join information is always displayed at the top of this page. Here, you can see the "Class Key" or the "Join Class Link." Select your preferred method and send them to your students. (PS: We recommend using the join link.)

My students have a Join Link or a Class Key. Now what?

Option 1: Starting with a CLASS KEY

#1. Direct the student to and then to Join a Class. It's immediately to the left of the "log in" button.

#2. The student will then be prompted to enter that class key. It is not case-sensitive.

#3. Once the student enters the code, they can hit the enter key on their keyboard or click continue. This will change the Join Class page to reflect the class details, and the student will be given the option to confirm their class.

Option 2: Starting with a JOIN LINK

#1. All the students need to do is enter the join link into their browser. Doing this will bring them directly to the confirmation page for the class.

Once the students have confirmed the class, they can either make an account or sign in with their existing account.

Some helpful hints:

  1. If you have purchased seats through your institution, any student with the class key can join your class. You can drop students from your class if they enroll by mistake. 

  2. Don't want kids to sign up anymore? On the Class Roster page, there is a checkbox that says "Accept New Students." Uncheck that box. This will prevent double enrollment in your class.

  3. If you've created a Student-Pay Class, your students will need to use a credit card to join or use an access code purchased from a book store.

If you use a learning management system (LMS) like Canvas or Blackboard, your students can join the class by clicking an assignment connected to your course via a deep link.

When you send an email to students to instruct them to join your class, you may also want to include these links to help students get started.

Student login instructions for Pivot Interactives

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