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Invite Students to Join your Class
Invite Students to Join your Class

Students join your class using the class key or a join link.

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How Your LMS Works with Pivot Interactives

These instructions are for teachers inviting students to a class using a learning management system (LMS) that is not LTI 1.3 compliant. If you are using Canvas, D2L/Brightspace, Blackboard, Schoology, or any learning management system that is LTI 1.3 or higher, you will need to follow the steps in the following help articles:

If you are using a rostering service like Clever or ClassLink, your classes will be created for you, and your students will be added for you. You will NOT create classes if you are rostering students using one of these two methods.

Rostering must be completed by your district administrator. Please contact support in the chat bubble or at for more information.

How to Invite Students - without an LMS

Once you've decided how your students will have access to Pivot Interactives and created a class you can create your classes and start inviting students.

You can invite students to join your class in two ways:

  • Distribute a class key (format: ck-xxxxxxxx) for students to input.

  • Distribute a link that will automatically place students in your class once they click.

There are two ways to find this information: with a join link or a class key. The Join Link is the easiest way to invite students to your class. This will simply require the students to click on a link rather than enter an alphanumeric code. The Class Key is a great option if you plan to deliver your information through written communication, such as included in your syllabus.

#1 The My Classes Page

  1. Click on the Actions dots located on the right of the My Classes table.

  2. Click Copy Link to Join Class for the class you wish to share.

#2 The View Class & Roster Page

  1. Click the name of the class from My Classes.

  2. Click View Class & Roster in the top-right.

  3. Click Copy next to Class Key or Join Class Link.

If you share a Class Key with your students, you will need to let them know to go to and click the Join Class button on the top right of the page. They should NOT request a free trial; trials are for instructors only.

Other Considerations

When you send an email to students to instruct them to join your class, you may also want to include these links to help students get started.

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