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My Account is "Limited." What does that mean?
My Account is "Limited." What does that mean?

Keep your account active so students can view activities you assign.

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Limited is a bit like "instructor planning mode." If your account is limited, students in your classes can't open or edit activities you've assigned to them. All other Pivot Interactives features are still available to you, and all data - both your students' responses and all your activities, classes, and scores - is retained.

To keep your active account active, you need to be a member of an active license.

If your license expires or you are removed from your active license, your account will enter into Limited status.

Should you need access to Limited status for extra planning time, please open up a chat bubble or email us at to request that.

Returning Your Account to Active

To move your account back to active status, you need to purchase or renew a subscription from the Pivot Interactives store.

  • If you'd previously purchased an activation code for seats from Vernier, you will need to activate enough seats to match student enrollment or reduce enrollment to match your activated seat count.

  • NOTE: Vernier is no longer able to sell Pivot Interactives access. If you need more access, please contact our Sales team at

If you have classes from the past that are no longer active, make sure to archive them. This will make sure that those seats aren't counting against your student enrollment.

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