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FAQ: Why is my account "unvetted"?
FAQ: Why is my account "unvetted"?

We vet each instructor on the platform to ensure that top security of our activities.

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What does it mean for an account to be "vetted"?

Signing up for Pivot Interactives is not a guarentee that you will gain access to our award-winning platform of over 500 science activities. Free trials and member invitations are available to science educators only. If we cannot verify your eligibility based on the information you provided in your trial signup, your account is suspended.

We manual verify free trials AND paid users - no matter how many seats you purchase. Purchasing Pivot Interactives before you have been vetted does NOT guarentee access to our platform (or our answer keys).

When an account is vetted, we confirm:

  1. Your professional instructors email,

  2. Your institution, and

  3. Your employment with that institution.

If you are not an active employee of your claimed institituion with a correct professional email, your account will not be vetted. This will lead to a suspension of your account.

Until your account is vetted, you will NOT have access to answer keys on the platform.

How long will this take?

Our vetting process is human-managed, so vetting generally takes 1-2 business days.

Why might an account be unvetted or rejected?

Common reasons an account is rejected:

  1. You used your personal email. We request that you use only your professional email. We do not accept gmails, yahoos, outlooks, comcast, or other personal domains.

  2. You used a student email. We see your student emails. Obviously student emails are rejected immediately and reported to the school.

  3. We are unable to verify your employment at the school. If you are a new hire at your school and you do not appear on your school's website, we may be unable to verify your employment.

  4. Your school has an existing license - and you made a trial. If your school has an existing license, we ask that you speak with your license admin to be added to that license. Creating a trial will not automatically add you to your school license.

(Note: This list of reasons is NOT exclusive. Pivot Interactives reserves the right to deny access to the platform at any time as stated in our Terms of Service.)

What happens when my account is rejected?

Sometimes after reviewing the information you submitted in your instructor account request, we are not ready to provide you with a full instructor account. To learn more about this, check out our article on suspended accounts.

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