Sometimes after reviewing the information you submitted in your instructor account request, we are not ready to provide you with a full instructor account.

Free trials are available to science educators. If we cannot verify your eligibility based on the information you provided in your trial signup, your account is suspended.

Here are some common reasons why this happens:

  1. You used a personal email.

    • We do not send free trial invitations to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., addresses. Please use your school or institutionā€™s email address and tell us your role at the school.

  2. You teach for a homeschool.

    • At this time, we do not provide account access for homeschool teachers or members of homeschool co-ops.

  3. We are unable to verify the school or institution with the information provided.

    • This usually happens when your school-issued email is a randomized set of numbers. When this happens, you can send us an email with some of the information listed below to verify your employment.

  4. Your school is located in the European Union.

    • Pivot Interactives is not currently compliant with GDPR, so we do not approve educators located in the European Union.

  5. You're a student.

    • Free trials are for educators only, so we don't approve free trials for students. Students signing up for a class should use the Join Class page, even if they are signing up for a class with an instructor who is using a free trial.

Please provide one of the following references to help us verify your educator status.

  • A direct link to a school directory or website showing your name and email address. Please do not simply give us a link to the front page of your school's website.

  • A picture of your school ID badge

  • A letter of employment from your supervisor

Your account will remain suspended until we have this information.

To resubmit your request with new information, contact us in the chat, and we would be happy to help.

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