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Data Management: Manage License Page
Data Management: Manage License Page

Learn more about the features of the Manage License page.

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Every license admin has access to a Manage License page, found at Here, you can find some helpful starting information!

Account Overview

A teal button with the words "send invitations"

#1. Looking to increase your usage?

Be sure to invite your instructors, science district leaders, IT integration staff, and paraprofessionals to your license using the Send Invitations button.

A set of four tabs: the first three, in teal, read "overview," "onboarding", and "usage". The fourth tab, with a black 3/4 box around it, reads "Manage" and is written in black text. It is indicated that the Manage tab is currently the open tab.

#2. Tabs full of helpful data!

Interested in who is stuck in their onboarding journey? Maybe you wanna see the latest activities being used in classes? Looking for some overall useful graphics? Check out your other tabs for more information:

  • Overview

  • Onboarding

  • Usage

Shows two labeled numbers: Seat Limit, showing 100 with the option to add seats, and Seats Used, showing 2.

#3. My Seat Limit

There are two seat numbers:

  • Seat Limit

  • Seats Used

The Seat Limit is the number of seats you purchased. This should match what you have written on your purchase order or your receipt. If you need additional seats, click the Add Seats button to purchase additional seats - prorated for the time remaining on your license!

The Seats Used is the current number of students you have in an active class associated with your license. All of the seats in all active classes for all members and admins count towards your seat count, including unarchived classes from previous years!

Two dates: a "Start Date" reading 03 dash 08 dash 2022 (implied March 8th, 2022) and an "End Date" reading 03 dash 08 dash 2026 (implied March 8th, 2026)

#4. The Start (and End) to a Great Time!

Licenses have two important dates:

  • The Start Date is the first day your teachers can use Pivot Interactives with their students.

  • The End Date is the last day your teachers can use Pivot Interactives with their students. This is also your renewal date.

Start and End dates are set by Pivot Interactives staff, though they are typically the day the license is purchased (start date) and one year later [high school] or 135 days later [college] for the end date.

Note: Student pay licenses only have a start date. They expire when active students are no longer enrolled in the course.

Three fields of information: the status (active), the type (institution), and the level (high school)

#5. What's my status?

Accounts include additional pieces of information:

  • There are three license statuses:

    • Active: Your account is up to date and paid. Your students may use Pivot Interactives.

    • Expiring: You account is up for renewal. This status occurs when you have 30 days left on your remaining license.

    • Inactive: Your account has expired. You may be behind on your renewal. While your teachers can still access Pivot Interactives, your students will not be able to access Pivot Interactives while your account is inactive. If you believe this is in error, contact our Sales team.

  • There are two license types:

    • Institution: The student access is being paid for by the institution. Students will not be asked to enter payment information to join a class.

    • Student: The student access is being paid for by the students. Students will be asked to enter payment information to join a class: classes are $5.50 for high school and $10 for college.

  • There are two levels:

    • High-school: These are for licenses working with students in grades 6-12.

    • College: These are for licenses working with students in post-secondary school (colleges and universities).

Members and Invitations

The Members list shows your currently active members on the license. In a general overview, you can see:

  • The email associated with their account

  • The number of seats used

  • Their license role

You also can remove a member or admin at any time by clicking the Remove button.

(Note: You cannot remove the last admin from a license without setting a different member as an admin first.)

New invites to a license appear in the Invitations list. These accounts show up in two ways:

  • Accounts without a name: these are users who are new to Pivot Interactives. They will have an invitation asking them to "Get Started."

  • Accounts with a name: these are users who are returning to Pivot Interactives. They will have an invitation asking them to "Accept [the] Invitation."

Either way - when they click the button on their personalized invitation email, they will transition to being a license member.

Until then, in the action menu:

  • You can remove a teacher before the join the license. This will not delete the invitation, but they will not be added to your license if they accept the invitation.

  • You can resend an invitation at any time using the Resend Invitation option. This sends the invite immediately. If a teacher is still having issues joining, have them email us at

Renewal Information

Licenses last for the length of their original purchase, but they can be renewed at any time. Renewals exist in your Scheduled Renewals list until they are activated. To renew you license, click Renew License and follow the prompts.

If any changes have been made to your license, you can view those in the History list.

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