A visible date allows you to reveal and hide an activity from your students. This may be necessary if you are doing a number of tasks, including:

  • Using an activity as an assessment, where you don't want your students to see it outside of class time

  • Reusing a previous activity, and you don't want your students to see their old work

  • Cleaning up the activity lists for students so that they don't see so many assignments

Creating Visible Dates

When creating or editing an assignment, you also have the ability to set a First Visible Date and Last Visible Date. When the date is outside the range between the First Visible Date and Last Visible Date the assignment will be hidden from students but still viewable by the instructor.

To edit the visibility date for an assignment that's already been created:

  1. Click My Classes.

  2. Click the assignment name.

  3. Click Details under the assignment name at the top of the page.

  4. Click the boxes under First Visible Date and Last Visible Date to manually type in the date and times for those dates, respectively. Alternatively, click the calendar icon to set the date and time from a calendar popup.

If you set the First Visible Date for a time in the future, the assignment will not show on the student's assignment list until the First Visible Date.

Once the Last Visible Date arrives, all assignments will be hidden. Students will not be able to view their work, and they will unable to make any edits unless you change the assignment status to Request Revisions AND extend the visible dates. The Last Visible Date must come after the Due Date.

Visible Dates can only be set for the class as a whole, not for individual students. To hide assignments from individual students, try assigning work in single groups using the Co-Lab feature.

What happens to the student's view?

When an assignment passes the visible date, they are no longer authorized to view the page.

  • If they try to open a link to the activity, they will get an error message:

  • If the activity is opened on their device and they do not attempt to reload the page, the student will maintain access until they refresh the page or attempt to reopen the page.

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