Pivot Interactives Co-Lab™️ is a powerful feature that streamlines active student collaboration on assignments. With Pivot Interactives Co-Lab:

  • multiple students can collaborate on the same activity, in person or remotely

  • students collect and share data, including live sensor data

  • all group work is continuously saved and shared

  • changes to group work appear instantly to all members

  • instructor can provide group feedback and grading any time during the process

In the animation above, the student on the right is entering data on their data table. Watch as the data table for the student on the left updates instantaneously.

Creating a Co-Lab Assignment

To create a Co-Lab assignment:

  1. Click the three dots below an activity in your library and select Assign.

  2. Select the class and set the appropriate dates below.

  3. Under Assign To, select Co-Lab Groups.

  4. Enter the number of groups you would like to have into the box below Co-Lab Groups.

  5. Select Alphabetical to sort groups alphabetically, Random to do them randomly, or Manual to set them yourself. Then click Create.

  6. Review your groups. If you make any changes, click Update. Click Assign when you're ready.

Things to note:

  • Activities assigned to individuals cannot be converted into a Co-Lab assignment.

  • Co-Lab assignments can't be converted to individual assignments.

  • Groups cannot be changed after the activity is assigned.

  • When one student in a Co-Lab group submits the assignment, it's submitted for all students.

  • Grades for a Co-Lab assignment are the same for all students in the group.

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