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Copy components between activities
Copy components between activities

How copy a part of one activity and paste it into another.

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You can copy components and sections between activities.

1. Find the activity you want to copy from in your library and click Edit.

If you do not see an edit button on the activity, you do not have edit access to that copy. Be sure to copy the activity to one of your libraries.

2. Click on "Activity Content" to access the components of the activity.

The first time you enter the Activity Content of any activity, you will receive a popup in your browser. You must click "Allow" for this process to work.

If you have clicked Block in the past, simply reset your cookies. This will reset this setting and allow you to click Allow in the future.

3. Find and open the component that you wish to copy.

On the right side of the component, you will find an icon that will let you copy the component to your clipboard.

Alternatively, if the component is also collapsed, you can click the three dots, then select Copy Component to Clipboard instead.

4. Find the activity you want to copy the component to, enter Edit mode, and then click Activity Content.

  • To insert the component into a specific area of a section, click the Add Component Below button wherever you want to insert the question. This will cause an Add Component option to appear.

  • To insert the component to the end of the section, scroll to the end of the section to find the Add Component option.

  • From the Add Component option, click the button on the right to paste in your component.

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