Use: Allows the students to answer open-ended questions where answers would be text-based or image uploads.

When editing components, some sections of the component are required for the activity to save. These sections are marked with a yellow star.


  • Prompt: This is the question that the students will answer. This is viewable to the student. This is the only required section while making an open-ended question.

  • Hint: This is additional information that you may want to call out about the question. This information appears under the prompt in italics.

  • Point Value: This is the point value of the section. Points must be whole numbers starting at 0. If the question has zero points, a grade cannot be added.

  • Correct Answer: This is the answer viewed by instructors in the "Grade by Question" view. This is also shown in the "Show Answers and Notes" view as a pre-filled answer to the question. This is not viewable by students.

  • Notes: These are notes that are viewable in the "Grade by Student" view. They are also seen in the "Grade by Question" view and shown under the correct answer in the "Show Answers and Notes" view.

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