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How do I save and submit an assignment? Can I edit my answers?
How do I save and submit an assignment? Can I edit my answers?

I've completed my work and need to submit my assignment or I need to edit my answers afterwards.

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Saving Your Work

As a student, your work is saved through various means:

  1. Automatically, every few seconds that you're in the activity.

  2. Any time you change an answer, either by typing or deleting text.

  3. Any time you enter or exit a question component, such as when you click on a data table to enter data or when you click out of a text box.

  4. When you submit an answer to a multiple-choice question.

Work is also saved when you click Save & Close at the top of an assignment. You can rely on the automatic saving or use the buttons at the top of the page.

As long as the assignment is not closed by your instructor, you can return to your assignment and continue to work. Your instructor can always see work that's been saved.

Submitting an Assignment

When you are finished working on an assignment, you can submit your assignment using the Submit button at the top of the assignment. When you submit your assignment, you can no longer make changes, so don't submit it until you are finished working.

If you accidentally submit your assignment, you'll need to contact your instructor and request that they change the status of your work to "request revision". The one exception to this is locked sections: locked sections must be unlocked individually by the instructor. Unsubmitting an assignment will not do this automatically.

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