Overview of Canvas LMS LTI Integration

Learn how Pivot Interactives and Canvas work together

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Pivot Interactives and Canvas LMS can be connected using the Learning Tools Interoperability 1.3 (LTI 1.3). Once connected, teachers can create assignments in Canvas that link directly to assignments in Pivot Interactives. This means:

  • Students can click the assignment in Canvas to launch Pivot Interactives assignments.

  • Students can link their Canvas account to a Pivot Interactives account to automatically authenticate into Pivot Interactives when they click an assignment in Canvas.

  • Students' grades on Pivot Interactives assignments automatically connect to their Canvas grade book.

There are four steps to integrating Pivot Interactives into Canvas:

  1. Configure Pivot Interactives in your institution's Canvas instance. You need to be a Canvas Admin to do this step. If you are a teacher, here's an example of what you need to ask your Canvas Administrator to do for you.

  2. Link Pivot Interactives to your Canvas installation. Anyone at your institution with an account on Pivot Interactives can do this step.

  3. Add Pivot Interactives to a specific Canvas course (the instructor for this Canvas course can do this).

  4. Connect a specific class in Pivot Interactives to a course in Canvas. This is done by connecting a Canvas assignment to Pivot Interactives, which will create a prompt allowing the user to select a class to connect. (An instructor for the Canvas course who also has an account in Pivot Interactives that will be used with this course can do this step.)

This process takes approximately 15-30 minutes. Detailed instructions are here.

  • Steps 1 and 2 need only be done once for the entire site.

  • Steps 3 and 4 need to be done once for each course. The connection remains intact when the Canvas course is copied. 

Once you've added Pivot Interactives to a course, you can begin to create Canvas assignments that link directly to Pivot Interactives assignments.

  1. Create an assigned activity in Pivot Interactives in the class connected to Canvas.

  2. Create an assignment in Canvas that links to that Pivot Interactives assignment. 

Student accounts in Canvas are easily linked with Pivot Interactives the first time students click on a linked assignment. Students are prompted to create a new Pivot Interactives account or use an existing account if they have one. Either way, after this step, they will be automatically authenticated anytime they click a linked assignment.

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