There are three ways to purchase access to Pivot Interactives:

  1. Instructors or their institutions can purchase bulk subscriptions and use those to invite students to join their classes. For pricing and costs, visit our distributor, Vernier Software and Technology. Here is the purchasing page.
  2. Institutions can purchase a license for groups of instructors.
  3. Instructors can create classes where students pay for access, either with a credit card or by purchasing an activation code from their bookstore.
  4. Bookstores can purchase access codes for resale. Students purchase access codes from the bookstore. Instructors then create a class, and students join using an access code. Pricing is available at our purchasing page.


Choosing between Institutional and Student Pay Classes

Purchasing student "seats" in bulk

Purchasing a license
Creating a class that students join with activation code, or credit card
Bookstore Purchases

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