Assign Activities in Bulk

You can now assignment multiple activities to multiple classes at the same time! Learn more about this feature.

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Our most requested feature of the last year has been bulk assigning: the ability to assign multiple assignments to multiple classes at the same time. With the addition of the new Bulk Actions in the library, this is now possible.

How to Assign Activities in Bulk

Starting Location: One of your Personal Libraries

  1. From your personal library, select the batch of activities you want to assign by putting a check in the upper right corner of the activities.

  2. In the Bulk Actions dropdown, select Assign, then click Apply.

  3. This will open the Assign Activity page. Use this page to:

    1. Choose your classes - use the Classes area to select your classes for this assignment batch.

    2. Set due dates - use the Due Dates area for each assignment to set unique due dates.

    3. Select your assignment style - When assigning to a single class, you can choose to assign things to everyone, individuals, or Co-Lab groups. When assigning to multiple classes, the activities are assigned to everyone in the classes.

  4. When you're ready, click the Assign button to finalize the activities. A green success bar will pop up and you will be redirected to the My Classes page afterwards.

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