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Rostering Services and Pivot Interactives
How to create Pivot Interactives classes from a rostering service
How to create Pivot Interactives classes from a rostering service

Integration with rostering services such as ClassLink or Clever make creating classes and enrolling students easier than ever.

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Pivot Interactives did a major overhaul of rostering services in August 2023, changing how courses are created from rostering.

Before: Classes would be automatically created for all rostered courses every night, leading to delays in setup, duplication, and excess classes.

Now: Teachers have control over when and which classes are imported. Now when a teacher is linked to a rostering service, they will be able to import their classes immediately - and they can select only the classes they wish to bring over.

No more waiting until the next day, duplication, or excess courses!


If your district has integrated Pivot Interactives with either ClassLink or Clever, then this means that:

  • Teachers must create their own accounts and be a part of their school's license. When a teacher is added to a license by your school's Pivot Interactives license administrator, they will receive an automated email with setup instructions.

  • Teachers must import their classes from their rostering service from the My Classes screen using the instructions below.

  • Once imported, class rosters will update automatically for students entering or leaving a class.

  • Students must access their Pivot Interactives accounts through their rostering service portal OR by clicking Log in with [rostering service] on our login screen.

  • Students do NOT create their own accounts.

Information here is only for ClassLink and Clever rostering services. This does NOT apply for integrations with LMS' such as Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, D2L, etc.

Creating classes from a rostering service

  1. Click My Classes

  2. Click Add Classes

  3. Select Add from Rostering Service

  4. Check the box next to each class you wish to create with the rostering service

  5. Click +Add Classes

Student access

Once a class has been imported, student accounts are automatically created and enrolled. Students can log in by clicking Log in with [rostering service] on our login screen.


Here's how to troubleshoot common problems with using ClassLink or Clever rostering. If your issue can't be resolved here, please contact Pivot Interactives support using the chat bubble or by emailing We suggest contacting us first instead of your district IT, and we'll loop them in should we think it's necessary.

What if I don't see the Add from Rostering service option?

The first step to try is to log out, then log back in again:

  1. Click your name in the top-right

  2. Click Log Out

  3. Log in using whatever method you've previously used.

If this doesn't work, here are potential causes:

  1. Your school hasn't integrated a rostering service with Pivot Interactives

  2. Your class data isn't loaded into your rostering service

  3. You haven't been added to your school's Pivot Interactives license by your school's license administrator

  4. You have been added, but you haven't accepted your license invitation or finished account creation.

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