Schoology does not currently support linked sections with LTI 1.3 integration. This means that your sections will need to be unlinked, and each section will need to be connected to it's own Pivot Interactives class. Should you wish for Schoology to support linked sections with LTI 1.3 integration, please contact them and request that they do.

Please note that after creating a class, do not give students the class key or join link. When you link a Pivot Interactives assignment to Schoology and students click a linked assignment for the first time, students will be:

  • Prompted to create a Pivot Interactives account. Information will be automatically populated from Schoology.

  • Once their account is created, they'll automatically be placed into the correct class.

If students join their Pivot Interactives class by going to our website and using the class key or join link, then they will bypass connecting their Schoology and Pivot Interactives accounts. This will prevent grades from being sent to Schoology, and students won't be able to open their assignments from within Schoology.

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