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On-Demand Guides in Pivot Interactives
On-Demand Guides in Pivot Interactives

Learn more about our instructors' guides, available directly within Pivot Interactives.

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Pivot Interactives is an online science education platform that puts active- and phenomena-based learning at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, it just makes sense for our professional development to be as active and experiential as our platform!

With that in mind, we have developed a series of on-app, on-demand guides.

Each icon represents a different guide style available.

Each guide is interactive and responds to your clicks and actions on the platform, allowing you to learn by doing!

Additionally, we believe it's essential to learn in context. Therefore, icons will only appear where they're relevant. For example, it wouldn't make sense to learn about searching the libraries when you're on the Scores page, but it would make sense to learn about the different grading techniques available! So, expect to find guides relevant to your location, seeing new guides throughout the website.

The Guides

The Question Icon

Purpose: Single-purpose guides designed to help users complete Common Core Actions.

Where will I find it? These guides appear on select single-purpose launch points, like where you would create a class or assign an activity. You may also find them on your license admin page for tasks like adding seats or renewing your license.

Who will use it? This icon will host most of your onboarding information. You'll likely use this guide once, and then you won't need it again. (If you've been on the platform for a while, you may not need this one AT ALL!)

The Info Icon

Purpose: Multi-purpose guides designed to help users explore available tasks on a page.

Where will I find it? Generally, each page will host up to one of these buttons. This one guide branches off into several mini-guides, each anywhere from one to six steps. Look for these near the Title of the page or on the Actions column.

Who will use it? Once you have completed your onboarding, use these icons to explore the page for all of the possibilities! You'll likely find an impressive new feature that you didn't know existed.

The Chat Icon

Purpose: Linear guides designed to help users connect Pivot Interactives with top-quality pedagogical techniques.

Where will I find it? This icon will appear on your dashboard. From there, you will be able to launch several unique training sessions on demand. Note: these sessions will use various resources, including external videos (such as YouTube), reading resources (such as the blog), and more. At the end of one of these sessions, you will receive a certificate to download for your efforts.

Who will use it? Once you have completed your onboarding, use this icon to expand your professional knowledge through the lens of Pivot Interactives.

The Alert Icon

Purpose: Single-purpose guides designed to announce new features and improvements.

Where will I find it? Consider this the Easter egg of the website: these guides will only be available as special alerts for a limited time, up to 30 days. After that, some guides will stay (as Question icons or as part of Info icons), and some will disappear. Be sure to check for them often! You never know what goodies you will find.

Who will use it? Anyone who finds it! Use these icons to learn about the exciting advancements happening right under your nose.

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