Configuring Pivot Interactives with your Moodle Installation

Add Pivot Interactives to Moodle so that teachers can add the Pivot Interactives app to their Moodle courses

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Please note that only Moodle versions 3.9 and above support integration with Pivot Interactives.

Configure Pivot Interactives in Moodle

  1. Within Moodle, find the page that allows you to configure a new LTI Tool.

  2. Set the LTI version to 1.3. The information you will need to enter into Moodle can be found in Step 1 on our LTI Registration: Other page.

  3. Use the table below to determine where the information from our LTI Registration page goes into each field within Moodle.

  4. Leave any fields below labeled as N/A blank.

Pivot Interactives fields

Moodle fields

Paste from these fields...

...into these fields


Tool Name

Target Link URI

Tool URL, Redirection URI(s), and Content Selection URL. Note: You must first enable Content-Item Message.

OpenID Connect Initiation URL

Initiate login URL

Public Key

Public Key. Note: you must first select RSA key as the Public key type.




Tool Description



Message Type


Privacy Level to Public


Configure Moodle in Pivot Interactives

  1. Navigate back to our LTI Registration: Other page and open up Step 2.

  2. Enter the following information into the appropriate fields within Step 2.

  3. Leave any fields below labeled as N/A blank.

  4. Once all of the information has been entered into Step 2, click Register.

Pivot Interactives Field

Moodle information


Moodle site name


Moodle site URL

Client ID

Client ID

OpenID Connect Authorization URL

Authentication Request URL

OAuth Token URL

Access Token URL

OAuth Audience



Public Keyset URL

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