When uploading a video, I got a message that "This type of video upload is not supported." How do I fix this?

You've most likely tried to upload a video encoded using a newer codec that is not supported by all browsers.

Here's how to fix it:

You can re-encode your video as .mp4 using an H264 (not 265) codec on a site like CloudConvert.com.

Here's how:

1. Upload your video to Cloudconvert by selecting a file from your device:

2. Chose to convert to .mp4

3. Click the wrench icon to open the conversion settings:

4. select x264 video codec:

5. Click Convert to convert your video

6. Once your conversion is complete, save it to your computer by pressing Download in the lower right corner of the video preview:

7. Once you've converted your video, you can re-upload it to the Pivot Interactives component.

If you have trouble with these instructions, please reach out to us on the help channel or by emailing support@pivotinteractives.com.

Note: You can also use an open source video transcoder like handbrake to re-encode your video before uploading it.

How can I prevent this from happening in the future?

This problem is caused by some newer phones (mainly iOS devices) recording videos in the HVEC format using the H265 codec, which is not supported in many browers.

You can change your camera settings on your device to record in a more compatible format. In iOS, go to Settings > Camera > Format and select Most Compatible as the option.

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