When assigning an assignment to Co-Lab™ Groups, I notice a message, "Warning: altering assignment groups after the activity has been opened to students could result in all existing work being lost. " What does this mean?

There are two circumstances in which a student can lose access to the work on an assignment if you rearrange groups when an assignment is in progress:

  • If all of the students in a Co-Lab™ group are removed from the group, then all students in that group will no longer be able to access the work on that assignment, and you, as the instructor, will no longer be able to see the empty group when you reload the details page. Essentially, any work on that assignment will be lost. If you find yourself in this situation and would like to restore access to this group assignment, please contact Pivot Interactives support and we can help.

  • If you remove a student from a Co-Lab™ group, that student will lose access to the work in the group assignment when you press Save in the details view. So long as there are additional students in the assignment, you can give that student access to that work again by moving them back into the group.

Note that changes to group membership do not take place until you press Save at the bottom of the details screen, and you can always revert back to your current state of group assignment (before any changes) by clicking Revert Changes.

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