Using the Co-Labs feature, instructors can assign activities to only some students within their classes.

  • The activity can be assigned to individual students (i.e., a "group" of 1), to groups of students, or a mix.

  • The assignment will appear only to the specific students of your choice.

To create a Co-Lab assignment:

  1. Click the three dots below an activity in your library and select Assign.

  2. Select the class and set the appropriate dates below.

  3. Under Assign To, select Co-Lab Groups.

  4. Enter the number of groups you would like to have into the box below Co-Lab Groups.

  5. Select Manual to allow yourself to assign only the specific students you want this activity to be assigned to, then click Create.

  6. Place the students you want the activity to be assigned to into the groups.

Only the students assigned to groups will see and be able to work on the assignment.

Here's how this would work in the example below:

  • Only Pete B, Lise Meitner, Emmy Noether, and Henrietta Leavitt would see and be able to work on this assignment.

  • Petey and Lise would be working on the same assignment. Their work is shared and would be submitted as a single assignment.

  • Emmy and Henrietta are a group of 1, so their work is completely separate.

  • Carl, Vera, Susan, and Alan aren't assigned to any groups. They would not see the assignment on their assignment list.

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