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FAQ: My ClassLink Rostering isn't working.

The connection between ClassLink and Pivot Interactives is dependent on the teacher's email. We'll go over some common troubleshooting.

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The most common source of errors in a ClassLink connection is that the teacher's email on their Pivot Interactives account doesn't match the email listed in ClassLink.. In order for Pivot to roster the students' classes, the email of the instructor in Pivot Interactives must match the email of the roster in the Roster Server connection. If these do not match, the rostering will not happen.

Troubleshooting #1: Have you notified Pivot Interactives that you sent up the roster connection?

When a rostering connection is established, we have to attach your Application ID from ClassLink to your account in Pivot Interactives. This is a secret random string of letters, numbers, and symbols that is unique to each connection. Typically, ClassLink will notify us when you establish this connection. However, sometimes those emails don't come through. Reach out to the support team if you think your application ID has not been entered.

Troubleshooting #2: Ensure that the emails in your license are correct.

Access your admin portal at and look at the list of the instructor emails. Make sure that these match the emails used in the Roster Server. For example, if your teachers have two emails, you will need to use the email for the roster server. Teachers can change their email associated with their account in their profile at

Troubleshooting #3: Run a Sanity Check

ClassLink gives you the option to run a sanity check to see the data that you are sending. To do this, click on the clipboard icon on the far right.

This will open a new tab with your sanity check. The dashboard shows you what data you are sending in this connection.

Notice in this connection, the user is sending 113 teachers, but only 5 students. So, the school would see a maximum of 5 seats made.

Additionally, Pivot Interactives does not provision teacher accounts automatically. You could send 113 teachers, but we will not pull that data unless you have added them to your license.

If you are having issue with just one teacher, use the Users Summary below the dashboard to search for the individual teacher. Pay special attention to the email associated with that user: if it doesn't match their account in Pivot, the data will not pull.

For more information, click on the teacher's name to see their user report, showing what data is being sent based on that user.

If all else fails, reach out to our customer support team at

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