Did you know that you can drop, transfer, and update the password for your students?!

You can access the class roster from the Class Assignments page by clicking View Class & Roster.

From this class roster, you have some awesome options to keep your sanity alive!

#1 Drop Students

Students forget their passwords. Heck, teachers forget their passwords. That's why there is a password reset option on the log-in page. However, if you've worked with teenagers for more than 2 seconds, you know that they don't believe in resetting a password. They'd rather make a new account! Then suddenly, your class of 24 students is a class of 40 students, and you're not quite sure why. This can also be a headache when you realize they did the assignment, but you can't find it because they have four accounts! 😭

To solve this problem, click the Drop button next to the student. Then POOF! They're no longer in your class. :D

#2 Transfer Students

Maybe that kiddo has a schedule change, and they got moved to your 4th period instead of your 3rd period. Perhaps they decided to step up into AP Biology from your standard biology class. Maybe they moved across the hall to another teacher! In all of those cases, your student does not need to enroll in a new class; you can transfer them.

To do this, copy the Join Code from the incoming class's Class & Roster page. Then, click Transfer and enter that class code. You will get a message confirming that the student is headed to the right class with the right teacher. Click Transfer to complete this process.

#3 Update Profile

Ever had the kid you sat in class for 35 minutes doing nothing, and when you ask them what's going on, they say, "I forgot my password, and I'm waiting for the support agent on the phone to reset it." You don't need us to reset a password. You can do it for them.

To change a student's password, click Update Profile next to the student's name. Then, fill in the New Password box, then click Update. POOF! They have a new password right then and there.

I usually have a generic formula that I use for the student passwords, like Firstname-year! (so, Linda-2021! would be a great one). But, if I know that the student will change it, I make them really generic. It's up to you. :D The password takes effect immediately, so you can say, "your username is (email), and your password is (password). Go ahead and get started now." They're right back to work (or at least they have one less excuse to get started...).

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