You may wish to grade only a few questions in an activity, especially when using Grade By Question. In these cases, you will also want to change the total points on the assignment so that the total available points are equal to the points you graded.

You can do this by changing the Total Possible Points in the Details view on an assignment.

  1. From the Classes page, click on the name of class.

  2. Click on the assignment's name.

  3. Click on the Details tab.

  4. Click Change to edit the Total Possible Points.

When changing the total points on the assignment, you'll see a summary of how many points in the assignment are autograded and how many points in the assignment are instructor graded.

If you choose to grade only a subset of the questions in the activity, you can set the total possible points to match the number of points you graded. This adjustment will be applied to every student submission on this assignment. It will be synched to your learning management system if you have configured Pivot Interactives to integrate with your LMS.


  • You will get a warning if you make the total points less than the default total. This warning states that students can receive grades higher than 100% if you grade too many questions on the assignment.

  • It is not possible to make the total possible points on the assignment larger than the default total.

  • You can reset to the default total at any time. If the activity is set to Final Grade, this will impact the scores sent to your LMS immediately.

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