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Introducing Pivot Interactives Co-Lab™️, for active collaboration anywhere.
Introducing Pivot Interactives Co-Lab™️, for active collaboration anywhere.

Co-Lab enables powerful streamlined collaboration, instantly sharing data, analysis, and feedback

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Co-Lab is a new feature within Pivot Interactives that allows students to effortlessly collaborate as they learn science. With Pivot Interactives Co-Lab:

  • multiple students can collaborate on the same activity, in person or remotely

  • students collect and share data, including live sensor data

  • all group work is continuously saved and shared

  • instructor can provide group feedback and grading any time during the process

Why is this good?

Collaboration is essential to the practice of science. With Co-lab:

  • students can explore more deeply, collecting more data and seeing more connections

  • students practice and learn collaboration skills

  • teachers can more quickly and efficiently provide feedback and grades

How does it work?

Teachers can assign any Pivot Interactives activity as a group assignment. When they do, multiple students can log in and begin working together. Students can collect data, create graphs, answer both numerical and written questions. All work is continuously saved and shared with all group members and the instructor.

How can teachers use this?

Co-Lab can add collaboration to any teaching mode:

  • When assigning in-class work, students can work together to save time. This increase in efficiency means students can quickly perform more in-depth analysis.

  • For in-person sensor-based labs, students collect data together and then make graphs, and perform analysis either in-class or remotely

  • If students absent or working remotely, they can still collaborate with their other group members in real time or asynchronously.

Co-Lab makes student collaboration powerful, streamlined, and effective

Get started or learn more:

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