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Paying with a Purchase Order

How can I pay for a Pivot Interactives subscription using a Purchase Order?

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You can pay with a purchase order by creating a purchase on the Pivot Interactives website:

  • Start by going to the purchase page and configuring a license.

  • Once you've set up your license, you can pay to complete the purchase or save the quote. The quote can be sent to others at your institution, and you can always return to the quote later to complete the purchase.

  • To pay, click Continue to payment at the lower right of the quote page.

To pay for a Pivot Interactives subscription using a Purchase Order, select Purchase Order under Payment Method. Input the Purchase Order number and upload a PDF of the purchase order.

If your institution is also tax-exempt, check the Tax Exempt box and upload the required documentation, also as a PDF.

If your institution's tax-exempt information is on the PO, then you may upload the PO again as the tax-exempt documentation.

Once everything is uploaded, your subscription will be active immediately. An invoice will be sent to the Billing Contact. A credit card may be used.

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