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How to set and manage due dates
How to set and manage due dates

Setting and managing due dates with Pivot Interactives

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To set or change due dates for an assignment:

  1. Click My Classes to access your classes page.

  2. Click the class name.

  3. Click the assignment name.

  4. Click Details.

  5. Click the boxes under Start Date and End Date to manually type in the date and times for those dates, respectively. Alternatively, click the calendar icon to set the date and time from a calendar popup.

If you set the Start Date for a time in the future, the assignment will show as Not Open and won't appear on a student's assignment list until the Start Date.

Once the End Date arrives, all assignments will have their status set to Submitted. Students will still be able to view their work but will unable to make any edits unless you change the assignment status to Request Revisions. This will also happen if you set the End Date to a date in the past.

Due dates can only be set for the class as a whole, not for individual students. To allow for only select students to continue editing their work after the due date has passed, set their assignment status to Request Revisions.

If an End Date has already passed and you then set it to a date in the future, the assignment status for all students will be set to In Progress.

To edit the due date for an assignment that's already been created:

  1. Click My Classes.

  2. Click the assignment name.

  3. Click Details under the assignment name at the top of the page.

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