Currently, each "trial" of the sensor will need its own table. If you run a new capture of the data, it will overwrite the original data.


Multiple data tables (one for each trial) using one sensor

To do this, for each trial, you will need to make a SEPARATE data table and/or graph component in the activity editor. If you are doing this, the Bluetooth device will need to be connected to each individual data table. So, students will need to reconnect the sensor with each trial. The graphs are all separate.

Multiple sensors (one for each trial) using one data table

Each column is unique to each sensor. Therefore, if you wanted to run multiple trials in one table, you could use multiple sensors. To do this:

Have the students connect the first sensor and run the data capture process. When they're done, they will need to select the Table Options (the cog in the top left of the table), then select "Configure Bluetooth Device" and disconnect the old probe. When they're done, they will notice that the probe reads "Disconnected" at the top of the column.

Once the old probe is disconnected, connect a new probe. You could have students exchange probes with another group in order to do this. When the next probe is connected, a new column will be made specifically for that probe. Clicking "capture" will only capture data in line with the connected probe(s). All other data will be untouched.

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