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Introduction to Collecting Data with a Bluetooth Sensors
Introduction to Collecting Data with a Bluetooth Sensors

Coming summer of 2021, you and your students can collect data directly into Pivot Interactives using Bluetooth sensors

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Pivot Interactives serves as a one-stop solution for all interactive science learning. Hands-on learning is an important part of that, and Pivot Interactives has powerful ways for students to collect, share, and analyze data from electronic sensors.

Combining sensors with Pivot Interactives makes the process of using real data much easier for teachers and students:

Traditional Labs are Cumbersome

With traditional hands-on labs, the process requires many formats:

  1. Teachers provide the instructions in a hand-out on paper or electronic document.

  2. Students connect sensors to an app to collect and analyze data.

  3. Students transfer data to a lab report that they submit to the teacher.

  4. The teacher provides feedback and scoring after the lab is completed.

  5. If students need to revise their data analysis, for example, they need to go back to the original app where the data is collected, modify, and resubmit -- a cumbersome process.

  6. Teachers transfer grades to the learning management system manually.

Pivot Interactives Streamlines Hands-on Labs

With Pivot Interactives, the entire process is in one web-based activity:

  1. The teacher assigns a Pivot Interactivity to individual students or lab groups.

  2. Students use the instructions in the activity to conduct the lab.

  3. Students collect data, whether manually or via an electronic sensor, directly into the activity.

  4. Data is immediately available to all students in the lab group -- even if they are not in the same location.

  5. The teacher can monitor or provide feedback at any point in the process.

  6. Students can see and respond to teacher feedback -- even while they are conducting the lab.

  7. Teacher scores are transferred seamlessly to the learning management system.

This exciting technology will be available in Pivot Interactives for the 2021-22 school year.

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