Sneak Preview of Fall 2021

Knowing what's coming up will help you plan your usage of Pivot Interactives for the 2021-22 school year

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We're building Pivot Interactives into the most innovative, powerful, and effective interactive science learning tool. Pivot Interactives is a one-stop solution for learning with interactive video, simulations, and hands-on learning.

New Interactive Video Content

In the past year, we've created dozens of new activities in all content areas. We've doubled the amount of content for teaching biology during the past six months, with exciting real activities about animal physiology, genetics and biotechnology, and evolution. For the 2021-22 school year, we'll introduce:

These new collections mean that more of your students can benefit from Pivot Interactives engaging and effective resources.

Content for younger students

We've created over 100 highly-scaffolded activities that are perfect for younger students and students with less science experience. These activities have guided, step-by-step instructions with instant, automatic feedback. These activities even modify the instruction based on student needs. These activities help students learn scientific thinking using real events and data.

Continuous improvement and new features

We used teacher input to develop 100 feature improvements since Sept 2020. We continue to develop and improve:

  • Improved grading tools and user interface (ongoing, monthly updates)

  • Collect data from bluetooth sensors, such as Vernier Go Direct, so students can collect and analyze real data (available now!)

  • New editing tools make it easier to customize activities (staged releases June-August 2021)

  • Lab groups allow student collaboration synchronously or asynchronously. All student work is saved continuously so students and teachers can see the latest responses (August 2021)

  • Automatically graded, randomized, numerical questions (available now!)

Hands-on Data Collection

Pivot Interactives allows students and teachers to collect data from sensors including but not limited to Vernier Go Direct sensors. This means that Pivot Interactives can be used as an electronic lab notebook for hands-on labs. (read more)

Customized Simulations with Individualized Feedback and Grading

You'll see some activities in the collection now, based on PhET-iO simulations and other simulations and visualizations. Pivot Interactives will individualize the scenario shown in the simulation for each student. Questions based on this individualization can be graded automatically. Because every student will have different answers, it is more difficult for students to find answers online.

These features make Pivot Interactives the most powerful, flexible platform for active learning in science.

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