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Teacher FAQ: How can I make a fake student account for myself?
Teacher FAQ: How can I make a fake student account for myself?

"I want a student account so that I can save my work or view my work exactly like a student."

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Sometimes, teachers want their own student account. These accounts use a seat in a site license; if you're using a student-pay course, you will need to pay for the seat.

This account will be a full student account. The account will show up in your class roster, will use a seat, and will save work like a student account.

To create a fake student account:

  • In the "My Classes" page, click on the title of the course where you want the student account.

  • Click on View Class & Roster.

  • In the class details page, ensure that the "Accept New Students" box is checked. Then, click the "copy" button next to "Join Class Link." Paste this link into an incognito browser.

  • This will ask you to confirm that you want to join that class. Click the "confirm" button. If this button is not clickable, you may have forgotten to check the box next to "Accept New Students."

  • Next, you will create your fake student's log in information. You do not need a real email for this step! You will need to enter:

  1. A fake first and last name: To prevent you from confusing this with a real student account, we recommend using a name like "Fake Student" or your name.

  2. A fake email: The email can be anything in an email format. Do not use your professional email. We suggest using a personal email account. You can also follow the email format shown in the screenshot.

  3. A password for your account: Save this password. You will need it to log in as a student.

Once this information is completed, click sign up, and your fake student account will be ready to go! You will now have student access to your Pivot Interactives account.

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