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Deep Dive: Multiple-Choice Questions
Deep Dive: Multiple-Choice Questions

This article series includes component specific instructions for modifying and building activities.

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Allows the students to answer a variety of multiple-choice questions. Multiple-choice questions can also be combined with Collection Variables.

When editing components, some sections of the component are required for the activity to save. These sections are marked with a yellow star.



This is the question that the students will answer. This is viewable to the student.

Instructor Notes

These are viewable notes in the "Grade by Student" view. They are also seen in the "Grade by Question" view and shown under the correct answer in the "Show Answers and Notes" view.

Add Hint +

This is additional information that you may want to call out about the question. This information appears under the prompt in italics. Learn more about hints in its own dedicated help article.

Point Value

This is the point value of the section. Points must be whole numbers starting at 0. If the question has zero points, a grade cannot be added.


The "autograde" feature allows the answer to automatically be marked as correct or incorrect while the student works; multiple-choice questions gain a “submit” button and a limited number of submissions. Autograding only works while the student is working; if this is turned on after the student has submitted, it will not update their work. You set the limit on the number of submissions (or attempts) that the student has. Once the number is used, the student is locked into their last submission. The number of submissions must be a whole number equal to or greater than 1. If autograding is selected, a submission value MUST be included.


A "choice" is the answer option presented to a student. Each question starts with two blank choices, but questions can have as few as one choice and as many choices as you wish.

When creating a choice:

  • The text is the answer displayed. You can make the answer a picture option by inserting a picture.

  • To mark that answer as correct, check the “Correct Answer” box.

  • To add automatic feedback, add a response. These responses appear to students once they “submit” their answers. These allow for automatic remediation! Add hints as images, reteaches in URLs, or formulas as equations. The options are endless!

Number of Choices Per Row

You can consolidate your questions by putting multiple choices in line. If the space is present on the page for these choices to stack, they will following the guidelines presented in this slider.

Randomize Choice Order

To randomize the choice order of your options, check this box. The order will randomize for each student. By default, this box is unchecked.

Question Types

The types of answers you use on the question determine the type of multiple choice question you will have.

There are two “multiple choice” question types: radio buttons and checkboxes. To make a question a radio button with only ONE correct answer, you need to select only ONE correct answer. If the number of correct answers is left blank or more than one is selected, the question will change to a series of checkboxes.

Any Selected Choice(s): Select NO Correct Answer

Radio Button/Single Select: Select ONE Correct Answer

Checkbox/Select All: Select TWO OR MORE Correct Answers

To select a correct answer, check the box that says "correct answer" next to the choice.

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