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Deep Dive: Numbered Instructions
Deep Dive: Numbered Instructions

This article series includes component specific instructions for modifying and building activities.

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Use: Provide instructions to students before a task. The text is viewable to the students; the notes section is only viewable to the instructor.

When editing components, some sections of the component are required for the activity to save. These sections are marked with a yellow star.

Numbered instructions allow instructors to add activity instructions without including a question. Editors tend to use these to include information for using video players and embedded web content, add pre-lab reading, or adding scoring guides at the beginning of an activity.

Announcements are similar to numbered instructions. The main difference between announcements and numbered instructions:

  • Instructions are numbered; announcements are not.

  • When viewing the activity, announcements appear with a yellow sideline.

You can see these differences below.

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