Deep Dive: Modifying a Section

Activities are made up of sections, which can be modified to meet the needs of the activity.

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  1. To add a new section, click the “Add Section” button at the top of the “Sections” section.

  2. To expand or collapse a section, click the right arrow or the down arrow to the left of the section title.

  3. To move the order of a section, click the up or down arrow to the right of the title.

  4. Having a hard time keeping your sections in order? The name of the section is reflected at the top of each one.

  5. To delete a section, open the section and click the “Delete Section” button to the right of the name.

  6. You have the ability to lock a section. Locking a section requires the students to submit THAT section before moving on. This is great for things like pre-labs, where students will make predictions before they begin their experiment. With locked sections, students cannot continue to the next section until that section is finished, and students cannot modify work in a section once it is locked. An instructor can unlock a section if a student locks it. To add a lock, check the “Require this section to be completed before the following section” checkbox. If a section is locked and you want to remove the lock, uncheck the box.

  7. The section summary is where you can include general instructions for the section. This information is viewable to the students and appears at the TOP of the section in the student view.

  8. Within a section, you can add components. To add a component, click the drop-down menu, select the type of component you want, and then click “Add Component.”

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