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Learn about the Activity Info tab of the editor.

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The Activity Info tab is the first tab of the editor view.

Note: When you open the editor, you will have access to edit almost everything inside of the activity. When you are building an activity from scratch, some components are required. These components are marked with yellow stars.

Basic Info


This is the title of the activity and is viewable in all areas housing the activity. This information is viewable to students.

Short Description

This is the activity description that is viewable inside of the libraries; it is not viewable within the student view.

Default to split view? Checkbox

Activities have two viewing options:

  1. In-line: Where the video and the questions are in-line

  2. Split: Where the video is split out from the questions; the video appears on the left and the questions appear on the right.

All activities default to in-line view, but you can change this by checking this box. Students can always change to their personal preference later.

Thumbnail Image

This is the image seen inside of the libraries; it is not viewable within the student view. This file needs to be an image file (JPEG or PNG) for it to be viewable.

Tags & Categories

System Tags and Author Tags

These are the tags used to find activities within a library quickly. This is not viewable to students. If you plan to move the activity to the Community Library, we suggest adding tags to help users find your activity more quickly. Common tags include content tags, such as “distillation,” or “genetics,” or “Atwood machine,” and school tags, such as school initials or instructor names. Tags that are already used in the Pivot Interactives library or the Community library will appear in a drop-down menu when you click in the box.


Use the clickable categories to make your activity easier to find! You can select the standards, subjects, scaffolding, instructional cycle, grade level, and instructional purpose. This is not viewable to students; it makes the activity easier to find in the libraries. This section is not viewable to students.

Notes & Instructions

Instructor Notes: These are the instructor notes that appear at the BEGINNING of an activity. Think of this as the “teacher’s guide” section. This is where you can include pedagogical information for yourself. This is not viewable to students.

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