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Resetting student passwords
Resetting student passwords

You can use the 'forgot password' link, or ask your instructor to reset your password

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IMPORTANT: A recent change to SSO-managed accounts has changed how students may reset passwords. If your account is managed by an SSO (Clever, ClassLink, Google, or Microsoft), your password is managed by your SSO provider. Your instructor can not reset your password if it is set by an SSO. If you have additional questions, please contact us in the chat.

If you are a student and have forgotten your password, you have two options:

  1. Use the 'forgot password' link

  2. Ask your instructor to reset your password.

#1. Use the 'forgot password' link

  1. Go to, click login and then click 'forgot password'

  2. Enter the email for your Pivot Interactives account and click Send Email.

  3. Check your inbox and spam box to find the password reset instructions.

#2. Ask your instructor to reset your password.

If you cannot receive incoming emails, you won't be able to use the password reset instructions sent by email. In that case, ask your instructor to change the password for you.

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